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tumben tumbennya ni gue ngomongin hal yang agak serius ..
tau lah ya hijab tuh apa ?
kemaren gak sengaja baca tweet yang intinya "kalo mau hijab gak bisa dengan cuma nunggu kesiapan hati, soalnya ajal gak bisa nunggu kita udah siap apa belum"
dih, jleb banget dihati
gue sering benget denger alasan orang orang yang gak mau ber-hijab dengan alasan "tar dulu deh, yang penting jilbabin hati dulu" atau "belom siap, gue kan bukan orang bener" dan yang paling sering ya "gue sih jilbabin hati dulu deh"
gue sih biasa aja, cuma jadi lucu denger statement statement kayak gitu, pertama kita itu disuruh ber-hijab buat tutupin badan kita, karna badan kita itu aurat , kok malah hati yang mau di jilbabin ??
terus pake jilbab gak usah nunggu jadi orang baik dulu, nah ber-hijab itulah salah satu jalan agar kita jadi orang baik . gini deh philosophy-nya , kalo orang mau bangun rumah pasti dia bikin temboknya dulu baru ngurusin dalemnya kayak perabotan dll, begitu juga dengan berhijab, jilbabin dulu auratnya, nah baru bersihin hati ..
gue ngerasa juga bukan orang baik, gue masih suka ngomong kasar, masih suka selengean tapi setidaknya gue udah coba buat nge-rem itu karna kadang gue malu sendiri sama jilbab yang gue pake .
gue bukan memaksakan orang buat ber-hijab . itu sih urusan masing masing . gue juga gak suka maksa orang karna gue gak suka buat dipaksa ..
contoh pake hijab ini, ibu gue gak pernah maksa, tapi dia selalu ngasih pengertian, gue berhijab juga prosesnya lamaaaa banget .
dulu smp pertama kali gue pake jilbab setiap hari jum'at karna itu wajib, terus nyoksp gue ngasih pengertian karna waktu itu gue udah baligh gue di"anjurkan" buat pake jilbab pas sekolah, akhirnya kelas 3 smp gue udah mulai pake jilbab ke sekolah meskipun diluar sekolah lepas lagi . terus SMA udah mulai dianjurkan buat pake jilbab kalo mau pergi pergi, awalnya gue gak bisa dan gue sempet nolak permintaan ibu gue . terus ada omongan ibu gue yang bikin gue sadar , dia bilang "orang tua cuma mau yang terbaik buat anaknya, kalo sekarang ibu nyuruh kamu buat ber-hijab, itu karna ibu cuma pengen nyelametin kamu, gak usah nunggu jadi orang suci kalo mau berhijab, sampe tua juga gak akan pernah" okee gue sadar, toh selama ini nyokap gue gak pernah nyuruh gue, apa salahnya juga berbakti sama orang tua . sampe akhirnya gue berproses yang masih bongkar pasang sampe sekarang yang insyaallah udah gak lagi ..

everything so fast

kemaren baru selesei semester 2 masuk ke semester 3, sekarang udah masuk aja ke semester 4 ..
oke semester 3 gak sebaik yang gue bayangkan, tapi better lah dari semester 2 .
gpa sih meningkat meskipun dikit, yah proses lah yaah
gue sih maunya dapet GPA 4, tapi apadaya otak gak memadai :(
semester 4 ? ooh hell ..
biasanya gue selalu punya target A buat subjects, semester 4 target gue B aja udah bagus banget tuh kayaknya, pelajarannya sih gak random, tapi susaaahh !
yah bismilah aja ya, semua kan harus dijalani dulu baru tau gimana, yang penting usaha :)

3rd semester . rise and grind !!

second semester is come to the end , yap welcome 3rd semester
second semester was the "suckest" one, don't know why but everything drives me crazy !
i wish i'm better in this 3rd semester, get better GPA, at least 3.5 (amiin)
for whatever happened i have to cheer up , life must go on anyway
yeiii , semangat Syafina !!

Human Rights as Equal Rights

"We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors. But they all have to learn to live in the same box.”- Anonim-

Those words are reminding about human rights itself, all Humans are different. Their skins, cultures, race, languages, the way of life, moreover the way of smiling. Whatever the form is, human have the same rights without exception. The right to life, the right to get up every morning, work, have families, have perspective, live happily and the right to refuse anything. The concept of human rights principles is universal and at any time should remain the same. Apart from the fear of Asian countries to the influence of the western countries, human must return to the original context of human rights in the form of natural rights. All Countries in Asia and Western have the same goal in upholding human rights. Countries like America, Britain, Indonesia, even the institution like the UN have the same goal in enforcing human rights.
John Locke, a philosopher who formulated natural rights, such as the right to life, liberty, and property as well as a handle to inspire the American people during the revolt against British rule in 1776. John Locke was the pioneer of the basic rights which was seen clearly in the Declaration of Independence of the United States, known as the Declaration of Independence OF THE UNITED STATES. American Revolution with its Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, a declaration of independence that was announced by acclamation by the 13 countries section, was also a charter of human rights because it contains the statement
"Behold, all nations are created equal degree by the Supreme Creator. That all human are endowed by the Creator's right to life, liberty, and freedom to enjoy happiness”
John Locke described the state of the status of the naturalist, when human beings have basic rights as individuals. In these circumstances together, to live more advanced as it is called with the civilization status, Locke argued that humans are located as citizens of their basic rights protected by the state.[1]
Britain is often touted as the first country in the world which fights for human rights. The first milestone for the victory of human rights occurred in the UK. The struggle is visible in the presence of various documents state that successfully developed and validated. The first document was the Magna Charta which was sparked on June 15, 1215 which contains the basic principle limitation of royal power and human rights more important than the sovereignty of the king. None of the free citizen can be detained or deprived of their wealth or exiled or in any way deprived of his rights, but based on legal considerations. Magna Charta signifies the victory which has been achieved because of certain rights that the principle has been recognized and guaranteed by the government. The Charter is a symbol of the emergence of the protection of human rights because it teaches that the law and the law degree higher than the power of the king.[2] The second is the Petition of Rights which contains questions about people's rights and their guarantee. The petition was filed by the nobles to the king in front of parliament in 1628.[3] The third is Hobeas Corpus Act is a law governing the detention of a person created in 1679.[4]

Human Rights in Indonesia based on Pancasila which means the Human Rights received a strong guarantee of the nation's philosophy. Leading to the Pancasila is intended that the implementation of human rights must pay attention to the lines specified in the provisions of the philosophy of Pancasila. For the Indonesian, carrying out human rights does not mean carrying freely, but must consider the provisions contained in the Indonesia’s view of life, the Pancasila. This is due basically that there is no rights that can be carried out regardless of the absolute rights of others. Each right will be limited by the rights of others. If in exercising their rights people do not pay attention to the rights of others, then what happens is a clash of rights or interests in the life of society, nation, and state of the Republic of Indonesia recognizes and upholds human rights and basic human freedom as a right bestowed by human who should be protected, respected, and enforced to improve human dignity, prosperity, happiness, and intelligence and justice. Various human rights instruments owned by the Republic of Indonesia, namely: Law - Constitution 1945.Ketetapan MPR No. XVII / MPR / 1998 on Human Rights. Act - Act No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights.[5]

UN also upholds the rights with the holding of Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stated that everyone has the Right to have Life, Freedom and security agency, acknowledged his personality, earned the same recognition with others under the law to get legal guarantees in criminal cases, as examined in public, to be presumed innocent unless there is valid evidence, entry and exit the territory of a State, obtaining asylum, get a nationality, obtaining title to property, free to express thoughts and feelings, free religion, Removing the opinion, and assembly, get a social warranty, get a job, Trade, get proper education, participate in the cultural movement in society and scientific progress, and enjoy the arts.[6]

Basically, humans are the same. Human beings have equal rights of human and also have the same obligation. All the people of Asia and Western would like to get the same equality and living in a beautiful tolerance. Western nations could have a high tolerance value to the families of the "minority". As an example, marriage is legalized in the Netherlands among gender, skin color does not matter in presidential elections in the United States, the rights of persons with disabilities are respected and fulfilled in the public streets in many developed countries, the diversity of beliefs are allowed to grow while not disturbing the other people. This is a view in which humans are able to see each other equally. The view of the Human Rights is a banner which suspends the existence of human beings worth of respect-all its forms.

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dulu gak punya blog pengen punya blog buat curhat curhat
terus udah punya blog tapi udah gak ada modem
sekarang udah bisa buat ngonekin ke inetnya tapi guanya malah gak produktif :D
udah lumayan produktif buat nulis tapi malu buat ngepost
aaah ! hidup !!!!

sahabat gila :D

akhir akhir ini jadi suka foto foto sama sahabat sahabat :)

who wants to trip ? lets go to Karimun Jawa Island :)

Karimunjawa, best things to trip

KarimunJawa is one of the best beach tourism in Indonesia today. like the motto of the KarimunJawa island itself "the weather is warm, the sky is sunny, the water is crystal clear, and the view is breathtaking literary" is increasingly making its local and foreign tourists are fascinated with KarimunJawa. A publication also has lodging that is not less good with the existing accommodation in Bali or other city attractions.

The most famous of the KarimunJawa is floating lodging. Named “wisma apung” because this inn sits on a calm sea where there are fish and coral reefs which very beautiful. “wisma apung” also provides many facilities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving / diving and fishing in the vicinity of where you stay. You can also watch and play with a variety of marine animals such as turtles, sharks, grouper, bluntak, sea urchins, starfish, or lobster and other. They also serve tours to realize your satisfaction with boat tours, diving or snorkeling equipment and fishing equipment.
The price offered is also relatively cheap, they also offer packages to stay, benefit package stay for 4 days and 3 nights they offer of the price of 750,000 IDR equipped with all facilities and meals. They also have packages for students are 50,000 IDR per person with 3 times meals. For package 1 room they offer price of 100,000 IDR.

In addition to the floating homestead, KarimunJawa also has a lodge that is not less good, this is a list of hotels that can be found on the island of Karimunjawa and its price :

1.Homestay Kalimasada with Fan Rp 780,000 / pax
2.Homestay Dafista with Fan Rp 780,000 / pax
Beautiful Mulyo 3.Homestay with Fan Rp780.000 / pax
4.Homestay / Prapatan with FanRp 780,000 / pax
5.Escape Romantic Beach Hotel with AC & Private beach
Standard Rp 1.000.000 / pax
Suite Room Rp 1.12 million / pax
6.Karimunjawa Inn with air conditioning and TVRp 1,000,000
7.Blue Laguna Hotel with air conditioning and TV USD 1.07 million
8.Dewadaru Hotel with air conditioning and TV and Private beach USD 1.23 million
9.Villa Roemah Emak :
2 pax in room Rp 990,000 / pax
3-5 pax in room Rp 930,000 / pax
6-8 pax in room Rp 830,000 / pax
90-10 pax in room Rp 720,000 / pax
11-12 pax in room Rp 670,000 / pax

Average price of lodging here is from 50.000-1500.000 per night. This price is very affordable for those who want cheap holiday but with a very beautiful panorama.

-syafin 's-